Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions please email us
  • Do I have to open an account with ArtVid Shop before ordering a video/photo product?

    No. Every time you want to order a video/photo product, you provide an email, and an eight-character password is automatically sent to your email (The first four digits of the password are your project number). Then, using the email and the password, you log in to your dashboard created specifically for this project. All communication with us takes place within the dashboard.

  • Can I have several ongoing projects with ArtVid Shop?

    Yes. We can work on several projects for you at the same time. Note: The same browser software may not allow you to be simultaneously logged in to multiple projects on the same computer. So, to log in to another project of yours, please log out of the currently opened one ("Logout" tab in the dashboard). Alternatively, you can log in to another project using a different web browser.

  • What personal data do I need to provide to ArtVid Shop?

    Besides the video/photo material for the project, you need to provide your email to open the project. You need a major credit card for payment. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details on how we handle personal data.

  • What can I do once I log in to my project dashboard?

    Our platform provides you with the following features: ● Under the "Home" tab, you may conveniently upload your video materials and project brief. ● Utilize the "Conversation" tab to communicate with our team regarding your project. ● The "Payment" tab allows for seamless and secure payment processing. ● Once your video is completed, you may download it via the "Downloads" tab.

  • How do I upload my files, and what files can I upload?

    You can drag and drop any files that might be used in your video: videos, photos, music, audio, images, or text. For simplicity, you can upload a zip file of many files or directories. Files are uploaded directly to our site.

  • Does the video editing price depend on the resolution of the video?

    Only in the case of 2D/3D graphics. For example, a 2D/3D graphics video in 4K may cost about 30% more than in FullHD.

  • Can I upload mostly photos?

    Yes, you can upload your photos and receive a beautiful slideshow video! It can be just a slideshow or a slideshow with some videos.

  • Why in the brief is there an optional question about my budget for the project?

    In ArtVid Shop, the class of the video you get is always directly correlated with the price. One of our objectives is to ensure that our customers receive the level of complexity and quality of the video they pay for. Thus, knowing the approximate monetary value of your video will help us allocate the appropriate resources to produce the right product.

  • Is it safe to share my files?

    Yes. Your data is private and not shared with anyone besides the team members working directly on your project. After the project is done and you are satisfied with the product, the project is entirely removed after about two weeks.

  • Can I ask questions when I log in to my project dashboard, even before uploading video material and submitting the brief?

    Yes, you can ask any questions at any time, and we will respond within several hours, but likely even sooner.

  • Can I ask for suggestions on organizing and structuring my video or what to include in it?

    Yes. Our large team of professional editors has people specializing in different video types. They will be happy to answer any of your questions and even guide you, if necessary, through the entire process.

  • Do I pay anything before uploading my video material and submitting the brief?

    No. We do not know the exact amount yet at that point. An approximate estimation can be made by referring to the pricing section on our website. But once you upload the video material and the brief, we will provide you with the exact cost.

  • How long will it take to receive a quote after I upload my video material and submit the brief?

    You will receive a quote from the team within 24 hours. We will review your uploaded material and the brief and provide the amount to you.

  • How long will it take to receive my video after making a payment?

    Depending on the complexity, some projects may take just days and some longer than three weeks. But for most projects, you will receive your final video between 7 and 21 days. If you need it sooner, please let us know. We will accommodate your request to the best of our ability. Additional costs may apply, depending on the aggressiveness of the speedup.

  • Do I get to see intermediate results before I receive the final video?

    Yes. Usually, you will receive several drafts with intermediate results. Upon receipt, we encourage you to review them and provide constructive feedback. Based on your input, we will proceed with necessary corrections and enhancements to ensure that the final product meets your requirements and expectations.

  • What if I do not like something about the video I receive?

    If you want to change something in your video, we will do any reasonable number of fixing iterations to ensure you have the product you want.

  • How soon after I download the final video do I need to tell you if I do not like something?

    After you download your final video, you can always tell us to wait while you still think, and we will keep the video for you for some time. If you do not contact us, we will assume that everything is good, and in 10 days, your project will be closed but not removed yet (you will receive a notification email). After that, the project will be removed entirely in 3 days, during which it is still possible to reopen it. Please understand that our space is limited, and we can only afford to keep finished projects for so long.

  • After I provide my email and get my password, how much time do I have before submitting the video material and the brief?

    You have 7 days if no communication occurs within the dashboard. We kindly request your understanding that our resources are finite, and inactive projects cannot be kept indefinitely. You can always open another project when you are ready to proceed.

  • After my final video product becomes available, how much time do I have before downloading it?

    If we do not hear from you, you have 4 weeks to do that, after which your project will be closed (you will get a notification email). After that, the project will be entirely removed in 3 days, during which it is still possible for you to download your video. Please understand that our space is limited, and we can only afford to keep finished projects for so long.

  • What are my payment options?

    ArtVid Shop accepts any major credit card.

  • Is payment refundable?

    Please refer to our Pricing Policy in the homepage pricing section for the description of our refund policy.

  • Will my video be used for marketing?

    Your video will never be used without your prior authorization. We might request to show your video in our portfolio, yet we won't ever show it without your consent.

  • Do you put your watermark or logo on the video?

    No. ArtVid Shop will not put our logo or watermark on your video.

  • Why does ArtVid Shop not make political videos?

    Everybody in the World has different political opinions. Likewise, our editors may have different political preferences. Some political views may be appropriate for one individual but not for another. We do not want our editors to take on responsibilities that are contrary to their ideals. ArtVid Shop believes it will affect the quality of the work, among many other reasons. ArtVid Shop will, however, produce videos to support public activities that are commonly regarded as moral and unquestionably for the common good.